HERO: Nurse "Smuggles" Ivermectin to Dying Patient, Saves Life
Oct 19, 2021

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...


The Stew Peters Show welcomed an anonymous nurse who's sister was dying in the hospital, being refused life-saving treatments. The anonymous nurse and concerned family member took it upon herself to get a prescription for Ivermectin on behalf of her sister, and "smuggled" the treatment into the hospital.

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  • I prayed for this brave woman that God bless her, in Jesus name.

  • Stu, set up a Give Send Go for this woman.

  • "For doing and saying the RIGHT things."

  • Right to try is the LAW. These doctors should be sued and prosecuted.

  • Absolutely the med staff taking prophylactic items are strong and able to work its bs nih cdc (gave lists) of RX too use n first ones are dangerous ~no kidding

  • This is absolutely abhorrent. Underdeveloped countries are treating patients better than the United States. India and Mexico are using Ivermectin in their kits and it’s stopping the disease in its tracks. This is evil beyond belief.

  • They get huge amount of incentives for every dead "covid" patient, though they were misdiagnosed with "covid" (by fake PCR) while having different raspatory illness like pneumonia, which ivermectin beats real quick. It is all a fraud and cheating.

  • Hi, I wish you both have a look at this documentary, where you find answer to Why America has lost so many freedoms:

  • To the nurse who saved her sisters life; do not be afraid to stand up and tell others that they are wrong or that what they’re doing is wrong. Don’t be afraid because that’s what’s keeping us in dark times, nobody wants to lose their job so everybody’s just going along with everything that is wrong. If you want to change things and save others lives as well and standing up and speaking out is the only way we’re going to change things. If that doesn’t work then we must stand up by force.

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