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HHS Senior COVID Advisor Makes Vaxx Plea to President Trump
Oct 13, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



Dr. Paul E. Alexander was the HHS Senior Covid Advisor to President Trump, and he appeared on "The Stew Peters Show" making an urgent and emotional plea about the "vaccines", specifically addressing President Donald Trump.

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  • "HHS Senior COVID Advisor Makes Vaccination Plea to President Trump"...

    Seriously, Stew? He's pleading with, Donald 'I'm the father of the vaccine' Trump, to do something righteous in his miserable, self-serving life? The man must be as naive as the day is long. This is the facts concerning Donald Trump and those who still foolishly support him:

  • So is Trump the “head” that takes a fatal “injury” but bounces back? Or a “foreshadow-only” the devil is using to set up for much later? We need to WALK in TRUTH & Anyone LYING is serving satan.

  • Trump lied about taking 2 Pfizer jabs....this is unforgivable. Trump will do nothing.

  • Trump has done next to nothing and is basically a collaborator.

  • Agree, Trump needs to step up to the plate, those kill shots will kill millions, he’s in grave danger of being called a Hitler, jackass

  • It amazes me how well they continue to cover this up.

  • honestly it would be more effective for right-wing headlines to read "Trump and Biden agree: Get the Jab" Mandates would stop immediately 🤣

  • They give Trump, and top officials the placebo (or very low levels of some vaccine), so they will say to themselves, "I didn't get any reaction," then they now become advocates for this killing concoction. I would pray, though I am not a praying man, that people would begin to understand this. Those people you speak to down here with the average folks that got the vaccine, and felt no reactions, WERE LUCKY to get the placebo. In double blind studies, neither the participants, or the ones administering KNOW which one is which. Only those responsible for this poisoning knows. If Trump, or any government officials (ect) get the vaccine, then suddenly fall ill in a bad way, do you think the 'public-at-large' will not question it? This begs the question: "Do our governing leaders actually care?"

    In a population control scenario, do you think death is arbitrarily selected like names drawn out of a hat?

  • Trump seemed to well informed in various fronts, yet this, it seems he purposely is ignoring the damage and suffering this has caused. Could it really be possible for him not to know what has happened...

  • Children dying while being coerced into a Trial?

    Is this "marketing" campaign going for broke getting as many "subjects" as they can to complete all three stages of this 2 year "Post Market Surveillance Safety Study" at once.

    Something never heard of before especially when previous stage 2 trial attempts with this "new technology" on animals failed 100%. It's reckless to foist this on the world.. or would that be psychopathic?

    Informed consent is a requirement. Might Covid19 Vaccines Contain Behavior Modifying Parasites?...

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