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HORROR: Exclusive VIDEO Captures "Organism" From Vaxxed Soldier's Body
Oct 06, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



Military Personnel are being forced to take experimental shots, and some are combatting the known side effects by detoxing.

This soldier's wife recorded what came out of her husband's body after detoxing. What she describes is HORRIFIC!

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  • Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK had the Wuhan CCP virus. After he recovered, he and his cronies were telling everyone to get jabbed. He was even jabbed himself. My view on this is that he did not need a jab because he already had good anti-COVID antibodies. What a moron.

  • YOU CANNOT CHELATE THE LIPID SPIKE PROTEINS BECAUSE THEY EMBED INTO YOUR ORGANS AND FLESH. The excrement are being expelled into the bath/shower water and sewerage, so all sewer dwelling animals and microorganisms, fish will be ingesting these spike proteins, morgellans and nanoparticles. This is going to destroy the Eco system also. Why has no one looked at this other than me? Find a MedBed or get yourself a truckload of Star Anise pods because they are loaded with Schikmic Acid from Suramin, which is the strongest anti-viral and Anti-bacterial compound, the Elites swear by it, that is why it has been suppressed for 100 years.

  • Why believe this guy over someone else?? This is insane... I would like to see an MD discuss what has happened to this guy.

  • hey stew.. sunlight doesnt do crap for everyone above the 33rd parallel from fall to spring. eating organic foods and suppliments are your best source.

  • Which vax did this soldier get?

  • "They (the sheeple) won't believe "IT" is happening, even as "IT" is happening TO them" ~ Ed M.






    ~ Me

  • Good show very interesting

  • looked like a piece of lint to me.

  • Yes, it is like Morgellon's. I have dealt with that and it appears to be the same type of self-replicating nano bot. Strong magnets will disable the replication, but not rid the body of them. You have to keep the magnets on your body - over wrists and above ankles where blood flows.. You need to use very strong magnets - wearing opposing neodymium magnets will disable the nanobots replication process...pulsed emf also does the same.


  • 2:40 holy shit that reminds me of Morgellon's Disease (a disease with no known cause and no known cure, possibly of alien origin [ok laugh if you want] ) where people report feeling filaments or fibers under thir skin.

  • Lets be clear, these people are taking these injections out of their own greed. Their unwillingness to turn away from money in their own best interest even if it means their own death. This man took the injection becaus ehe didnt want to give up his retirement money, its really that simple.

  • Pine needle tea is also a treatment for autism. Contains Suramin and lots of Vitamin C. Easily made. Just be sure its an actual pine tree . The needles grow in clumps of 3, 5 or 7, Not directly or singly from the 'skin' of the bark. Pick a handful of green needles. Wash several times. Boil 8oz of water. Clip needles into 1" or less pieces. Pour boiling water over and steep, just like regular tea. Strain and drink the cooled tea. Easy as pie. You can make a second cup from those needles. If you have a tea ball, it is easier to put the chopped needles in it.

  • If you die at home from vaxx side effects a pcr test can confirm your infection (covid particles are everywhere), but if you haven't had all three shots you're going to be recorded as an unvaxxed death.

  • Many people go unrecorded dying at home with No time to get to the Hospitals like my DAD did 2 weeks after his 2nd jab. Fell right on the kitchen floor he felt like he was being strangled couldn't get NO AIR.

  • Check out the website the 9 Steps to GENOCIDE this is worldwide Genocide these jabs.

  • Men pass toxins through their sperm, Women through their eggs, it’s how children are born with disease. Anyone whose husband got the job and they didn’t will have the same toxins in their body.

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