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Jabbed Pilot Issues Warning: Bioweapons Serious Risk for Pilots and Passengers
Jan 14, 2022

The Stew Peters Show

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Until the last six months, Greg Pierson was a pilot with a major airline. He received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine last August. He went home after the shot, went to bed, and woke up fifteen hours later with his heart pounding at 180 beats per minute. He went into the ER, where they diagnosed him with atrial fibrillation. The doctors got Greg stabilized and his heart rate under control, but he hasn’t been able to fly since and now has to live on disability. Greg Pierson joins us to discuss.

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  • THEY DID KNOW THIS ALL THE TIME FOR TWO YEARS. >THE CORONA CURE. HYDROKLOROXINE AND AZITHROMYCIN.< PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh*t" - THEY KILL MOM AND DAD, WHAT HAPPEN BACK AFTER WITH YOUR CHILDREN. Plandemic is a Smokescreen; COVID-19 = SATAN'S-SHEEP-SLAUGHTER (Covid-scam is a SS wwCult-plan to remove the placenta of unsworns from their Fiery Phoenix "Great Work") - Laboratories In Germany Publish Evidence That There Is No Virus And That COVID Does Not Exist - Published Admission From CDC And FDA Re: Nonexistence Of COVID-19 - When Will We Finally Admit Covid Is Fake? 2 More Weeks? - Germs Debunk Corona - Cov-19 Immunity Fraud. - Most Mask Wearers will be Dead or Demented in Ten Years - Dr. Vernon Coleman -

  • Well, being a pureblood, can’t fly anyway. Sure wouldn’t risk it even if I could. And….don’t think I won’t remember that I was made a social outcast because I wouldn’t take the V. You won’t be seeing my $.

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  • Airlines should have a non-vaxxed co pilot. Its a risky business. Everyone must speak u and pharma must be held to account and go to prison.

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