Jan 14, 2022

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UPDATE: Thanks to your efforts with blowing up Mercy Hospital's phone lines, we have established enough pressure on the would-be murders to stall for time until Monday while attorney's fight for Scott Quiner's right to live. His attorneys join us. Keep up the pressure! Mercy Hospital 4050 Coon Rapids Blvd Coon Rapids MN 55433 Main line 763-236-6000 Scott Quiner is in the Heart and Vascular Center Their number is 763-236-8800 Heather is the Care Coordinator 763-236-8321

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  • I guess this is the end of the Stew Peter's show on GabTV. Too bad, I was really enjoying getting it here.

  • Stew

    About 2/3 of the way watching / listening to this, learning more, some one / thing or ?, opened the firewall of my Mac mini. Late 2014. Never has anything like this has ever happened. Did what i could to reinstall firewall to no avail . Proves Jesus is the one they hate the most, we are here physically, in the way God Bless You and Yours this an ds every day.. Frank

  • The psychopaths don't feel they need to hide what they are doing anymore. Now millions are able to see what they are doing I just hope the people continue to fight against this evil

  • I keep checking for new videos on your page "The Stew Peters Show" page, but there isn't any...

    Any chance you'll be posting more in the future?

    THANKs again for all your posts over this past year!!
    Really important information.

  • "Mercy" hospital = psychopaths

  • Every STATE needs a Phone in Prayer Chain Info Hot Line; with How to Restraint Order Administrator & Transfer their Loved One’s to an Attending MD Facility that will Implement ALL Treatments !

  • After a 4 month long trial, the World Court issued a verdict against 75 people for crimes against humanity. Some of those people are Albert Bourla CEO of Pfizer, The Queen of England, Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada, Xi Jinping President of China, Pope Francis and many others. The verdict was issued on 1/15/22 along with Arrest and Expropriation Warrants, and even civilians can arrest them as well as any form of police or even military. The best thing about this verdict is that the court also issued an immediate desist order on the manufacture, distribution and giving of these poisons. So things are turning around. There is another case in progress against Fauci and his buddies along with many others for the same charges.

  • Comment check

  • Pray for another facility to take him or have a private MD come in and treat him with whatever the good docs we have on Gab suggest. Charge this hospital and staff with intent to harm and denial of treatment. This is how approximately 500,000 loved ones lost their lives, sick, evil, ...GET THAT FAUCI, WALENSKY AND TEDROS arrested for crimes against humanity and then get the members of the FDA and hold them accountable. To the PUBLIC: PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP BEING SHEEP, STOP BEING TESTED, STOP TAKING JABS. You empower this EVIL ..... HCP, STOP complying with mandates that are medical experiments and also violate your rights, it is illegal. VAX IDs, CARDS? PLEASE SHRED THEM EVERYONE!

  • So very happy for this woman. Thank you for helping this woman and thank you for all of us who called. This story made me sick yesterday. So glad to hear they did not follow thru. I will contact the state officials next and praying for this woman

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