MRNA Inventor Faces Tough Questions as Jab Deaths Explode
Jan 05, 2022

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...


Dr. Malone is the man who started our great vaccine war. Three decades ago his work was critical to the creation of modern mRNA vaccines. Today, he’s possibly the single-most influential voice criticizing the forced use of the vaccines he helped invent. Malone went onto Joe Rogan’s show. He asked a very relevant question: “If I’m not qualified to talk about this, then who is?” But you know how it really is. He got silenced for going against “the experts,” even though he’s one of the world’s premier experts on mRNA vaccines himself. Because, of course, the “experts” are fake. It’s just a label for whatever cabal of people repeats what those who hold power want to hear. Dr. Robert Malone joins us to discuss.

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  • The truth, and more, the love of the truth is a most beautiful thing to behold. It's telling that the passion for it so unique that in thousands of interviews over the past two years, that this one brings tears of joy to Robert. Mr. Peters has found his calling. Long life to both.

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  • I did an analysis in Sept 2020 showing VARES and the statistically significant shift in harm per million. Compared to the virus healthy young folks will have a lower risk with the virus than the vaccine. It was pushed on children for phama liability clause that if it’s authorized for children they cannot be sued.

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