PANDEMIC OF THE VACCINATED: CDC Admits No Evidence Unvaxxed Are Spreading
Nov 12, 2021

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...


A newly released FOIA from the CDC shows that the agency is claiming to have no documented evidence that unvaccinated Americans who have had Covid twice are infecting other people. Stew Peters investigative journalist Edward Szall shares a timely report on this bombshell admission.

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  • Can anyone force this onto Farcebook and Ubetube because if I do I’ll be immediately thrown back into their concentration camps of unfree speech. The problem is that’s where the CNN watchers go to mill around and be bombarded with covid scare propaganda.

  • As a retired registered nurse Alex Thomas Leeman NMC pin 10k1088E & a unworthy servant of the one true living God

    I testify that President Biden and the CDC & Pfizer are in impairment 1 : Failed to investigate serious malpractice whilst vaccine trials where taking place 2:Failed to report on the Seriousness of the accusations 3: Falsified reports to obtain approval 4: Because of fraudulent approval- The amenities that where granted for protection regarding the vaccine - IS INVALID & Therefore ILLEGAL 5: The deaths from the Fraudulently emergency approved substance has caused Death & serious multiple injuries - This is medical negligence 6: Hou have wilfully neglected fundamental data & put the public at risk of injury & death 7 You have used coercive tactics born from the false information to lead people into deception & inevitably it has ended up in an unnecessary & highly preventable amount of death. 8 for the above reason as a citizen of the Earth & child of God almighty by holy Decree I charge you with Wilful Neglect Impairment of duties Medical tyranny Manslaughter

    May God almighty judge you according on EARTH as it is in Heaven with no tarrying May this just spring forth - Ahman

    Praise Yah Glory Yah HalleluYAH Thank you Adonai O’Yahusha Lamb of Yahuah ABBA father hallowed by thy name forever & ever

  • Stew is banned from Twitter so is Alex Jones if you would like to see there content shared on Twitter please follow ChildofGod @Childof19198249 Unworthy servant of Yahusha Hamashiach

    I promise to hammer these perpetrators with all I have from the fellowship of God almighty’s watchmen & trumpet blowers

    I will follow you back in return - the page is to promote what’s been silenced

    Thank you

  • Love it Stew. Another great report from Edward Szall! Really good to see him reporting again.

  • Wow! Great! I just discovered GabTV. Now I can get all of Stew's shows on Gab too!. I was on Gab social and didn't know that GabTV even existed. My Rumble subscription list is so long that I usually only watch the channels that start with A and end with F. Brighteon is great but I have trouble even finding my subscription list. Here I can go right to Stew's channel and not have to scroll down past about a hundred names on my list. Not bashing Rumble, but I had too many socks stuffed in one drawer.

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