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Pfizer Vials Examined: PhD Says Hydras, 5G Talk is "Misinformation"
Nov 02, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

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Dr. Kevin McCairn appeared on "The Stew Peters Show" and explained a viral INFOWARS video published by Dr. Fleming, who says a lot of "disinformation" has been pushed, specifically by Dr. Carrie Madej.

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  • First of all: He is wrong saying that no one looked at how the blood reacts to the injections. The Germans did. Long ago. Secondly it is somewhat naive to think Big Pharma would not take advantage of the never seen before number of guinea pigs and only test one mixture on all of them. I am European. Therefore I am confused by the show both Dr. Fleming and Dr. Madej make. I trust neither of them but prefer factual presentations like those of e.g. Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi. But that is just my personal take on the subject.

  • The issue is not the air bubbles it's the patents. Look at the patent #10,703,789 B2 sec 201. Specifically it's relation to patent # 2010/0216804 . This does not mean that the investigators are seeing this technology but if these patents are really there, it would appear that the manufacturers intended something more than bubbles to be there.

  • I definitely think the RX companies are sending specifics out to specific Areas. So this being Said without THEM Being Truthful we can MORE Likely Assume it’s THE Actual LIARS doing it. End

  • I think they are just putting Hudson River water in vials and selling them to governments for billions. When they have fear and mandates on their side why would pig farma waste any money on production.

  • Here's another photo from air bubbles under a microscope:

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