Oct 12, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



A 17-year-old girl was abused by hospital staff and had a plastic bag placed over her head as what the staff and administrators called "standard procedure" in a Texas medical center.

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  • What we have to look forward to are guillotines. It's definitely biblical.

  • Too right men need to find their balls again. All the woke wusses and manginas that are everywhere make me want to puke.

  • That's crazy

  • Keep up your hard work

  • Stupidity prevailes! We've finally reached the pinacle of the age long struggle good vs evil. Buck up and don't shut up. Let them have what's coming.

  • That is so cruel.

  • Well, it IS Standard Procedure at today's hospitals to murder the patients. Consciously and deliberately. Has been for a long time, but much worse the last dozen months and worse yet since "Biden."

  • All these demons getting away with blatant evil and abuse. Is because everyone is too nice all the time. The demons have grown accustomed to ignoring any structure because they get away with it all the time from nice ppl letting it happen

  • Crazy! Why are people so slow to complain about this stuff

  • I am so sorry you were treated that way and keep up the good fight

  • People like Her family are brainwashed. Period. I know plenty of people where I live that refuse the masks. They greet me with a handshake, and I oblige.

  • We must fear God, Nothing else...

  • LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!

  • The criminally woke has screwed the United States... just as the puppet masters want. Destroy the culture and traditions of a society and you can conquer them with out out a standing army

  • These are freaking crazy people!

  • If masks work why the plastic bag?

  • Thirty years of affirmative action in medical school admissions.

  • Im sure the Texas Governor will be all over this Hospital's attitude....Texas rocks and is anti woke.

  • So sorry Deanna. My family and friends treat me like a leper too. It's like they are so afraid I will infect them and their kids. They do not care about the possibility of them infecting me with the crap they are expelling out. My grandchildren I have fear beyond for them. Kids are sick all the time and they don't get that they probably are why their kids are sick all the time. Smh. I pray. GOD FORGIVE US AND HELP US ALL ! Again sorry for the loss of your grandma and would love to know the reason they gave for her passing, if you could even get a straight answer. Hugs to you. Families, smh at their lack of learning and researching .....the numbers alone should wake ALL other vaccines have ever been allowed to get to these numbers.

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