Oct 11, 2021

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Bobby Piton is vowing to reinstate all servicemembers that were (or will be) booted from the military for refusing to take the dangerous and deadly jab being falsely referred to as a "Covid vaccine". In addition to reinstatement, Piton says all soldiers should be awarded backpay, and he vows to make it law if elected to U.S. Senate.

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  • It's hard to take Gab and the like seriously with the kind of guests that you have around. Weak Bobby. You guys have literally no idea what you're talking about. The weakening of our armed forces starts from policy at the top: Promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Those words, although benign alone, mean destruction in the way they are applied to promotion, retention, and evaluation. If you want to know more, reach out to me. Navy vet.

  • I was lucky enough to retire from the Navy before this mandate was issued, thank the Lord. I have several friends that have decided not to comply with this mandate, and God bless them. I have opened my home up to them. Fuck what this country has become. Time for a parallel society.

  • One thing politicians have in common which you all should have figured out by now is....... They will lie to your face with a straight face and say anything they think the public wants to hear in order to get votes.

  • Go Bobby!!! Many in IL love you and are rooting for you! You have my vote!!!

  • The plan is to purge Christians from the military.

  • The wearing of the masks is symbolic of not speaking. Cover your mouth. The fear pushed by mainstream media has been a crime against humanity. Vaccine mandates are crimes against humanity. The damage being done to society globally is many times worse than the virus. Those who are wanting to replace humans with robots to serve the elite just may see the plan backfire on them when the AI robots decide all humans are obsolete. Including the ones who planned it. Humans must take back their society.

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