RITTENHOUSE ON TRIAL: Leftist Mob condones abuse of minors
Nov 11, 2021

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...


Are you reimagining America now, are we building back better? Only in Biden's America can a young man be tried for murder for defending himself while a gun was pointed at his face by a child molester. Conservative author DeAnna Lorraine joins Stew to discuss the insane injustice which has now become the norm.

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  • I'm a Deanna Lorraine fan. Beautiful and smart. If she's on with Stew, I'll watch.

  • Thank you for all you do Stew.

  • Everyone wants to go and cherry pick that night memory-holing the fact that Kenosha was being burned down to the ground without any local support - a few units set in place on either end as well. Other than a 17 yr old giving medical aid and trying to put out fires. Kyle is a hero, he ran towards the fires. The very reason why the fires were happening in the first place is not being talked about in the complicit media complex corporate channels. This should get even more people red pilled, wake up!

  • Deanna is a fine looking woman and smart too!

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