Oct 14, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



Stew Peters sat down with Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of the mRNA technology being used in the shots being falsely referred to as "vaccines", which have proven to be dangerous, and in many cases DEADLY.

Dr. Zelenko Protocol:

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  • Malone full of bullshit....the Vak-zeens are poison always have been......

  • Great interview! The comments to this interview is truly telling just how lame some people really are , thus is why the first amendment holds true allows folks; to show every one just how stupid and close minded they really are! i Watched this interview twice! Their was a lot of truth in what was said and what was not said! Those that like to throw stones are the ones that live in Glass Bubbles, alone and scared of there own shadow, always living up to there true potential! (Directed towards, those that have the need to use such colorful language in few comments below!) Excellent, interview!

  • Stew this was an excellent interview and you handled it beautifully. Just like Dr. Malone said, we knew you had fire in your belly but you showed a finesse and trust building ability with this guest that was essential to him giving us the really important material. You were a real professional on this one Stew and deserve tremendous credit. Appreciation for your work. This now becomes an effective piece of journalism to share very widely even with those on the look out for "conspiracy theorists".

  • Drug companies are the main benefactors without any liability. Ivermectin would be a safe starting place within the first 10 days if you felt like a bad case of the flu was coming on. India has several provinces that have almost eliminated the virus by using ivermectin. Research is showing that people would get the jab are now super spreaders. Natural immunity is still the best plan. The number of cases has been inaccurate for covid 19. These PCR test are not accurate in themselves. The seasonal flu of 2020 was non existent? People don't be sheepole!

  • So Dr. Malone has had bad side effects? wow. Looking fwd to interview #2

  • I believe this man is bullshitting us.

  • PCR can only tell you it is the flu, Covid, or something else..., per FDA

  • Researchers have to be loyal to the data.

    Doctors must be responsible to the best possible treatments for their clients.

  • Are you factoring alternative treatment? Z-Stack, Ivermectin ect. Why the shot?

  • A. It is not a vaccine B. It does not stop the disease C. It does not stop the spread of the disease

    So, what are we talking about?

  • Right edition news informed me that astra Zeneca produced their vaccine almost 2 years before the virus was released. Say what? 2 flippen years people!! And France produced posters of vaccination days before the virus was released aswell. I smell accountability coming soon.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video. I have haven't been vaccinated, so, I'm especially grateful for the information given by Dr. Malone and, also, Stew Peters for giving the platform without interruptions to Dr. Malone. I'm looking forward to the next interview.

  • People are not lab rats.

  • Okay. He having sat by and watched, as the corps. took over in a conflict of interests, the part of the government responsible for how much they get paid in dollars, so overseeing themselves basically, he stood by while his industry corrupted the government departments in charge of oversight of themselves? If I got that understanding right then, exactly what was he doing the whole time he shut up while it was happening? Researching on the government dime? What a fucking weasel. And now under certain circumstances, he wants to keep doing research while poo pooing those companies, while helping to develop his own damn vaccine through another company and now we will get it right, to experiment some more, because the others did not get it right? You are sooooo being played by a master manipulator. He still believes in technology that change the genes and cells of a person's body. How damn blind are you STEW PETERS?

  • So he is okay with testing the vaccine on our military knowing as he does the heart problems this vax causes? Fuck that son of a bitch.

  • I'm going to have to give up on Stew Peter's. Great ideas, essential news but the platform sucks. I feel like a sick person being denied treatment for a heart attack because I'm not jabbed. I can't afford the paid version, so I'm forced through a maize of links that sometimes take me where they say they will, but often don't.

  • Don't play My Pillow Commercials

  • The "Health industry" in Australia has been vaccinating the elders in Aged Care and nursing homes for years, under threat of homelessness they had to accept it, now the flu has disappeared and is replaced by the medical device; they the elders including those outside nursing homes just accepted the covid shot without question, following what is being said on traditional mainstream media and backed up by newspapers and state and federal politicians and so called health advocates; its heartbreaking they are not being told the truth that it is experimental is not a vaccine and is poisoning them

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