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The Great Reset: Facebook, Amazon Want Seats at the UN, For REAL.
Oct 05, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



The worst factions inside the globalist power structure are not hiding it anymore. They will rule over you, and you will be a subservient slave.

Clay Clark joined "The Stew Peters Show" to ask a series of very important questions.

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  • Do you remember when Hillary was Secretary of State and presented Putin with a big red reset button? Now we have the Great Reset. She was running around to every country in the world with that thing. I remember thinking, what is she up to?

  • Stew, I love your shows, BUT the "beast" "sixth king/Caesar" that was "now is" (alive when John was writing) who calculated to "666" was Nero Caesar (it was a common cryptogram in Hebrew). The "mark of the beast" was Emperor worship. The "sea beast" was Rome and the "land beast" was first century apostate Jews. Both "beasts" came against the first century Christians. The "soon" coming of Christ in Revelation is referring to Christ coming through the Roman armies (just as the Father had come upon the clouds in judgment through the Assyrians or Babylonians in the OT) in the events of AD 67 - AD 70. Please read my new book coming out in two weeks, "Armageddon Deception The Eschatology of Islam and Zionism A Biblical Response." I also have an electronic version on my site. Your guess just butchered Rev. 13 and Rev. 17! Christians are going to have to have a LONGTERM solution to the New World Order -- we will NOT be "raptured" off the planet.

  • Get right with God!

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