Dec 07, 2021

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These vaccines were rushed out as quickly as possible, and Donald Trump played a central role in getting them rushed out. Now, he’s deflecting responsibility to Biden; he says that Biden has failed to “sell” the public on the vaccine. Thanks to the same rushed process that the president himself promoted, it’s going to be hurting helpless young children. Dr. Paul Alexander joins us.

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  • I would've thought Trump would know better than to push this poison, HydroxyChlorine or whatever it's called was better from what I've heard, then there's another one but I can't remember its name offhand.

  • He's the 'father' of the vackseen -- he has taken all the credit. Let him have the credit. And the shots are not vackseens. They're m-RNA "operating systems" as the makers of the poison openly state. This wasn't a "rushed process". These poisons were made LONG AGO and the c19 story was concocted in order to fear monger and sell it to the populations world-wide. It has been reported that people of European descent are MOST susceptible to the poison and have a 54% uptake of the spike proteins because of their ACE-2 receptors. Blacks have a 39% uptake. INTERESTINGLY, Ashkenazi Jews (and the Amish) do NOT uptake the poison. Big Pharma isn't funded/owned/operated by Christians the last I checked. SO, my takeaway is that these are bio-weapons SPECIFICALLY tailored to kill people of European descent.

  • I realize you were likely dropped on your head MANY times by your mother, but Trump is NOT in charge now! Your boy BIDEN is!...If YOU think there's an issue with the vaccine or ANYTHING ELSE in government today, GO AFTER BIDEN, punk!😡

  • I'll tell you this, Trump is the best President we ever had. With that said, do not let propaganda stop you from having our Country back. So far, there is none better. You don't have to take the shot. Stop whining. Maybe he believes in it. He isn't infallible, just the best.

  • rabbi trump don't care about the goyim

  • Trump continues to push the death shot, even today. Something is not "right" about that. Makes you have to ask the question; why???.

  • Yes, and this is why both #TrumpCultism and #TrumpDerangementSyndrome are PATHETIC!! I have never, and never will, WORSHIP any Politician. I will always engage in #PrinciplesNotPersonalities - and while I could certainly never be a FASCICRAT it must be known that I will NEVER, EVER, BECOME A GOP HACK... Each ISSUE based upon the MERITS of each PROPOSED ACTION... And this is ONE (not the only one) thing that I part company with #Trump... This is again another example of his FLAWED CHARACTER and HUBRIS.... He will not EVER admit to being wrong!!! Let me be clear: Operation Warp Speed was a WELL INTENTIONED THING but we have to reach conclusions based upon RESULTS AND NOT INTENTIONS!!! And, again, as virtually ALWAYS, something well intended but RUN BY GOVERNMENT produces DISAPPOINTING OUTCOMES!!! We got RUSHED and BAD SCIENCE from it... PERIOD!!! These #WuhanJABs are NOT #Vaccines, they do NOT #innoculate or #immunize anyone vs a damn thing. PERIOD! THAT IS THE SCIENCE! THAT IS THE REALITY! The #WuhanJabs are doing FAR MORE HARM THAN GOOD at this point. But instead of admitting THE FAILURE and engaging in FURTHER RESEARCH to maybe, potentially, find a REAL VACCINE/INNOCULATION, they HIDE THE BAD DATA. Anything else a FAILURE like this as a Drug, GETS PULLED FROM THE MARKET but this time around TRUMP AND HIS EGO (despite criticizing #FRAUDci in many respects) STILL SIDES WITH #FRAUDci and the peddling of this POISON!!! more:

  • Donald J. Trump needs to be CONFRONTED with the cold hard facts of the deaths attributed to the DEATH SHOTS pimped as "vaccines." IF he cannot be a champion for TRUTH in this season of the attack on the Constitution and citizen's rights, THEN he SHOULD NOT be the Republican candidate for 2024. Trump needs to step up and say this is wrong and it needs to be SHOUTED OUT so that people will see that it is more than just "a few people" who are opposed to the vaxx mandates. We need to see leadership. He needs to step up now. If he doesn't, NO conservative American should vote for him to be the Republican candidate. People are dying from the effects of the shots. There is NOTHING safe with these shots. NOTHING. Stand and Deliver POTUS45.

  • In order to take advice from anyone, two criteria should be considered. One, is the person trustworthy, do they have integrity? On this one, DJT passes - he really does want what is best for the American people. The second criterion is, does the person have a deep understanding of what they are advising? DJT fails this test, as he is basically ignorant both in education, experience, and by what he has chosen to not educate himself about regarding the jabs. His pride at getting Operation Warp Speed done has blinded him to the Trojan horse that the jabs are, so he continues to push the injections.

    He also received a vaxx himself (AFTER he had already recovered from COVID, as stupid as that is), which seemed to do him no harm so his personal experience says "it's fine". It's a separate discussion as to whether he actually received saline - I believe he did, the cabal would never have risked him having a stroke or getting myocarditis after the jab as it would have destroyed the "safe and effective" narrative.

    Bottom line - NOBODY should listen to Trump regarding vaccines - would you take investment advice from your dog groomer? Educate yourself and listen to those whose advice has independent corroboration.

  • However guess what with all the cover-up the federation only got to see none of us ( The People ) need to be in front of them not these people they have put in place. We need somebody that’s over all this planet. Everybody with money is apart of the cover-up.

  • All of them should tried for crimes against humanity not just Trump. All of them. The federation needs haul all of them into lock-up.

  • Only De Santis can save America.....Trump only cares about $$$ and Israel

  • Former President Trump is headed for prison for crimes against humanity. Think it's not possible? Which political party controls the DOJ, FBI and many other law enforcement agencies? Democrats? Exactly, they will just before 2024 highlight all the deaths from the vaccine and go after him criminally for it. And what can he do, he's on record!!!

  • You can not count on trump . His motto is Israel first . he converted to Judaism in 2017 I was fulled by trump as well . All politicians are very skkilful in deception Vote Us pocus

  • Trump needs to come out strongly against the 'vaccines' and the mandates. Otherwise, I hope he is eliminated in the 2024 Republican primary.

  • Trump told the world about hydroxychloroquine. Period. From there on, this was all a choice, or susceptibility to peer pressure.

    Everybody's real quick to turn on the only guy unafraid to do right. He took heat on the MSM for 4 years. He hasn't permitted himself to be blackmailable, unlike most others in the mainstream spotlight. Uh, I must ask, are we virtue signaling here? Doing so much right you wanna bury the guy who started the trend?

    Tbh i'd push the vaccine on anybody still wearing a mask. So sue me. Or bitch. Or threaten. Or whatever. Did you know George Floyd was a deep fake? How would you define real in a world of fake? Let the fake have their way with themselves. Justice is not cruel. Some of the people euthanizing themselves don't use cuss words.

    I have heard(/watched) him denounce white supremists even tho MSM claimed he refused to. Where are we getting our "truth" from? Also, can I see some supporting evidence for him pushing it? I'm fishing for the clip of Trump pushing this so I know that Stew Peters isn't "naively" being a bad actor on the world scene. If your point is Operation Lightspeed, then you're lying. That's a "racism is bad" argument against truth. He made the economy strong and didn't want the D party to ruin it all before he left. You think he's running this genocide? foh

    Stew Peters, you are making claims that warrant the clips. Don't forget to be thorough!

    I see people turning on Trump real easily. I assure you, you can undo a lot of right if you accidentally push a deep state agenda by lack of due diligence.

    I heckle the masked wannabe slaves every time I exit my door. Most don't do this enough. This isn't over until everybody wakes up.

  • RonDeSantis & Tulsi Gabbard for president & Vice President of United States 🇺🇸 of America 🙏✝️ These are 2 children of the kingdom to come who can help revive the freedoms of choice & the great American dream for ALL peoples

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