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West Point Cadet Speaks Out: BANNED From Military, Stands for Freedom
Nov 02, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



EXCLUSIVE! Hannah Macdonald refused to comply with what she says were unlawful orders to be injected with an experimental shot being falsely referred to as a "COVID vaccine", and as a result she was tormented, abused and kicked out of West Point. Macdonald joined Stew Peters to discuss her decision.

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  • We know Biden has ties to China. We do also know that Milley has conspired with China. Can it be that the vaccine mandate is to intentionally weaken the US military?

    There is also a Chinese deflector, who says this.. I cannot verify the claims tho..

  • Do not take the shot!!! Our military is compromised with china.

  • Amen Hannah! Thank you for speaking out. I am a retired Army Nurse and did 3 years at Keller Army Community Hospital in the 1990's. How very sad to have grown up in the most blessed by God Nation in the world, and see its demise...God will and does take care of His people, regardless of what selfish and nefarious rulers plan.

  • The Biden Regime is making me lose my mind 😣

  • What a strong and resilient young lady, well said! πŸ‘

  • The so.-Called vaccine is NOT ! a vaccine at all. It has been patented and it's a symptom suppressor . and Dr.Fouci should be in prison .

  • I have 2 sons who recently graduated from the US Coast Guard Academy. Both are with Hannah McDonald and are in the process of being removed from service. This is evil at work.

  • I am Navy brat and former Navy line officer I am heartbroken by the direction our nation is heading and our security threatened by the deliberate undermining of our military is at the very heart of our existence. Their direction in destroying all that our founding fathers envisioned is beyond egregious

  • our military is being neutralized. The leadership is being decimated, the troops are being disabled, the equipment is going to be allowed to rot. This is all the work of the Federal Reserve Bank, a foreign owned bank the prints our money with out supervision.

  • The beer virus poses no risk to members of the military?

    What a load of crap.

  • The two big lessons I took from my 20 years in the Air Force are 1) The vast majority of the military live and die by what is published in a Standard or Regulation with no thought to seeking or allowing an exception to the standard based on logic or common sense. 2) Even the best officers are forced to comply with "Political Correctness" in thought and deed or they will fail to be promoted. They justify the evils of political correctness in their minds by using the logic fallacy that if they don't comply, they won't be around to help out during the next war. This is a fallacy because they won't be making decisions in the next war...they will be cannon fodder for the decisions of those idiots who were promoted not for skills and intelligence but for "Right Think".

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