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West Point Cadets Medically Raped, Commie Regime Abandons Military
Nov 01, 2021

The Stew Peters Show

Stew Peters is a God-loving believer in Jesus Christ, and an America First Patriot that goes...



"Stew Peters Show" Investigative Reporter, Edward Szall, revealed the horrific reality facing military personnel, highlighting personal stories about cadets being medically raped at West Point.

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  • "Tools" to get them to "do the right thing"????? Maybe waterboarding will work. Jesus CHRIST.

  • This admin is so full of crap from top to bottom. Yet 80,000 of Them are Fully exempt VERY Concerning. If others would QUIT Cowering and STAND UP AGAINST their Unlawfulness it would STOP.

  • It says most will fall away, so only the faithful will rise. The others like you , your souls will be split, harnest, torched, put in other half witted bodies to share with the derelict or clones like they do with those who want to be famous, sold their souls. and like the Super soldiers that were mere men and women they forced by torture to do inter planetary missions to kill, and kill whom ever the corrupt govt wants to rid Earth of or the aliens that run the govt, do their will in their war dragon to dragon, reptilian with their robot greys, to draco non enlarged skulls. Watch a few of those that had their souls split or captured. Bible sa5s you will wish to die but cant. The chips you will take , they know if you expire and reanimate the body over and over. Then take off 40 years and start over resetting time and space to repeat you over and over and give then your blood on demand to sustain their dna to blend in

    Jesus kiddo. They must have put some sort of psychedelic in your inhaler. Or maybe, your brain is just lacking in oxygen. Or your lack of heat is affecting you. You are so mentally ill right now I just can't believe it. Everything you mentioned sounds so much better than being as mentally ill as you are right now.

    YOU ARE ONE VERY SICK LADY. So, now. After discrediting all the Biblical passages that I've sent you. NOW YOU ARE QUOTING THE BIBLE TO ME?

    I know the Bible extensively & what you just quoted is not in the Bible. Give me a fucking reference. Or at least tell me what lying JewTube Jewish video you got that nonsense from.

    Or is it? That all of the rest of the Bible is a lie & only Revelations matters to you? Baby, I'd recommend a mental hospital for you or something? Your poor, poor roommate.

    He must feel that he is IN HELL right now just having to put up with you.

    I am so glad you don't have a car so I don't have to worry about you showing up at my house. The Jews have taken over this country in the guise of Communist China & they used Christianity & the delusions of Christians to do it.

    BABY, Everyday you are being raped by a Jew mentally. Your mind is so disgustingly filthy.

    No, Jesus would have you. I'd ask you for any kind of reference for what you just said in the Bible, but I already know there isn't one.


    From going to the Jewish hospital / doctor's office and being exposed to someone who has been vaccinated.

    If I were you I wouldn't worry about being vaccinated. Maybe the AI in one of these Lethal Injections can help?


    You are the Savior this planet has been waiting for. Take a whiff of your inhaler & fly thru the sky like superman. Preaching how Jesus is in these jabs & the Jew's lies have come to save this nation yet again.

    Go, Go. Jesus is counting on you. Don't let him down.

  • Stew, Jack Hibbs' (Calvary Church Chino Hills) lawyers have written and proved (in court) their vax religious exemption for anyone . including atheists. Please get this to those under pressure. Here's the site

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