Jan 07, 2022


Resisting the fake narratives of those who seek to destroy America. These are my opinions....



Tucker holding Ted Cruz’s feet to the fire for calling Jan. 6th protesters “ terrorist”

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  • He is not a free man ,he has to say in public what it is ordered to by his kosher masters, that`s how they manipulate everything

  • Tucker Carlson may be the ONLY honest reporter on FOX news.

  • CRUZ, Tucker gottcha', admit it!!

  • Ted Cruz is a two faced RHINO, and has been for years. Wake up Texans.

  • I'm not buying it. I don't trust Sen. Cruz on bit.

  • Ted Cruz is one of the highest ranking republicans right now. He messed up. He messed up BAD. he needs to be made into an example. He must lose everything.

  • 100% Ted Cruz gave into the lefts narrative and it is disgusting to see him call it a terrorist attach ! He apologized but the damage is done ! It is because or republicans like him 1/6 prisons are being mistreated! It is Gates and MTG that are fighting against this nit Ted Cruz ! The cops were not brave they were complicit !!!

  • Ted Cruz is a complete lying cunt and you might as well vote for Beto or fucking Bozo the Clow since at least they don't take themselves so seriously

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