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Activist Exposing Critical Race Theory Is Asked: What Do You Like About Being White?
May 27, 2021

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Anti CRT activist Christopher Rufo is asked by Black activist Marc Lamont Hill: What do you like about being White? What should Rufo have said?

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  • Seriously? I don't obsess over my skin color so I never think about what I like about having white skin.

  • Rufo should have responded along the lines of "the white women." And then say, as "I am sure you do as well." Leave MLH stammering.

  • Well White People invented everything to make the world a Better and Easier Place to live! They made Institutions like Colleges, NFL, NBA, MLB. In which Blacks have Prospered! They took People of Color out of the stone ages! If they would have left you all in Africa you'd just be laying in the shade under a tree or swatting flies way in your mud huts! So being so generous with are inventions and letting you Piggy Back on us! I think you should be more Thankful!

  • What do I LIKE about being white? It's not as if I had any more choice of skin color then Marc did. What does he like about being black?

  • I like being white because I am a part of an educated civilised Christian civilisation, it really has nothing to do with colour, it's just that European Christendom is mainly of white and olive complexion. So whites are not superior to blacks because of the colour of their skin, we are superior because Christian (Western) civilisation came from Jesus Christ (God with us) and the Catholic Church.

  • Actually what I like best about being white is that I am much less likely to be shot by police on my daily jog or parking my car!

  • Sure lack of defining criteria is defiant of the who concept of race. You can have other genes and look white and that makes you white? That is total insanity. How is "race" more of a defining thing than Blood Type for example? The Japanese categorize by that and in fact, there is more commonality between people of the same blood type biologically and genetically than people of various races.

    Besides only someone leaving in delusion and steeped in ignorance can think that only Western bread people possess such traits like work ethic! They should travel more!

  • I like the fact that I can tell you all to go fuck yourselves

  • “All those things you mentioned liking about being black... I like those same things about being white” Safe answer, yet is positive/affirming of your inalienable characteristics.

  • To the black commentator if he would ask me about what I like about being white??!! Not being a stupid black anti American and anti Constitutional racist like Mark Lamont Hill and his bff's murderous black lives do not matter murderers!! Also, not being on white funded welfare like the blacks, illegal Hispanics and other illegal aliens are doing!!

    If you blacks and other minority do not like America then leave!!

  • The answer to "what you do you like about being white" should be "less likely to have vitamin D deficiencies in higher latitudes" or something along those lines. Pretty much all other answers are not going to be related to skin color as much as cultural choices.

  • I like having white skin that is very effective at vitamin-D systhesis using the diminished sunlight at high latitudes - something Covid-19 identified as deficiency in the Black community (which is outside the latitudes where they evolved, and hence had higher than normal death rates from this virus).

  • You know what... I hope they get what they deserve... and there's a mass exodus (white flight on a national scale, possibly global) and we take back our modern plumbing, medical advancements, electronic devices, rule of law etc... I know those are exclusively "white" per se, but all of modern advancements are born out of the enlightenment period of Western European schools of thought. Let them see what it's like living in a world where we lose our cultural, social and technological input. I mean, I can name dozens of places that already exist like that. But just naming 3rd world countries to these marxists doesn't seem to get the message across. They want bloodshed, they want the suffering. It's the only way they can get a large swath of the population to acquiesce to their demands. It isolates their power structure, and give them permission to kill off their opponents.

  • a few seconds ago

    I never consider my race, which just happens to be Caucasian. People who identify or even think in terms of race are by definition racist.

  • Christ Rufo is still working on his Sin of White Pride.

  • Holy chit magn! What a cringy stuttering cuck! How was this twit chosen to represent White people against "Always Criticize All Whiteys Theory!"?

  • Simple: proud to be white because our western culture has evolved into the most innovative civilization known to mankind. We just have to fight to keep it that way by shutting out the barbarians from other third world cultures. This observation is not racist but an objective take on racial/cultural evolution. The non-white race should strive to evolve their own cultures.

  • Can you imagine if there was a group who said that we needed to work on eliminating "Black-ness" and working on "being less Black?"

    Come on! Let's turn that shit around and put it on them!

    (by the way.... I'm not White...)

  • Marc Hill, the "Hip-hop intellectual" Communist, went straight for the heart and Chris really sputtered, unprepared to simply be proud of his heritage. That's what communists do. CRT is all about the ATTACK. The Mein Kampf of the marxists.

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