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ADL Gives the 'Neo-Nazis' In Ukraine A Pass, They Aren't So Bad
Mar 29, 2022

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  • may i suggest everyone check out Bill Coopers analysis of ADL and Bnai Brith: what you come to learn is that these organizations were created to manipulate the jews. not to lobby on behalf of them. (actually goes back to the civil war. the british crown trying to get jews of the south to support war). want proof? greenblatt (current head) proudly worked for the bloodthirsty jew hater obama (in before i'm told how he was owned by jews like soros who was a proud nazi collaborator) and had no probs with obama funding the mus bros or iran. hes the one running interference for dems/globalists claiming these are good nazis.

  • commie joos they nasty yet both political parties suck they ass like a chocolate bar~ I will never vote again, they control the elections and the votes cause they evil and hate White Christians, they are in reality the Khazarian mafia, as JESUS said in Rev 3 they are fakers not jews but call themselves jews~

  • Cause they aren't Nazi's they're synagogue of satan commie jooos who are liars just like their father the devil~

  • How the fuck do i block this guy?

  • How much of the money raised here for Ukraine will go t6 the Neo Nazi's??? I bet a lot. NATIO has been training Nazi's

  • The "knaaazzeeez" in the Jewkraine are actual JEWS

  • They're kosher Nazis, they only hate Russians or Russian speakers. They leave the Jews alone, smart move by them.

  • If these guys standing with them?

  • They're good neo-Nazis because we have Jews in power there. If Jews lose power, they will become bad neo-Nazis

  • It so complex LOL no actually it simple (((Nazis)))

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