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ADL's Greenblatt Is A 'Free Speech' Believer - That's Why He Is Nervous About Elon's Twitter Move
Apr 09, 2022

Red Ice TV

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Jonathan Greenblatt is the shifty and dishonest CEO of ADL. Despite claiming he is a believer in 'free speech' and a 'free market capitalist' he is very nervous about Elon Musk buying almost 10% of stock in Twitter. Why? It's not like anything is going to change at Twitter. Free speech is not 'saved' - despite this, Jonathan's usual tactics is to try to destroy individuals, companies and even COUNTRIES with his vast access to non-existent Jewish influence over the American media and political system.

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  • In America jews control hollywood and the mainstream media. Lies and perversions is all you get. jews control the private central bank. All you get from it is debt and war.

  • How about truth and lies.

  • twitter and almost all of the mainstream media are anti free speech advocates.

  • Anti Edomite, Canaanite.

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