Afghan Migrant Stabbed 7 People In Vetlanda, Sweden
Mar 06, 2021

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Another brutal migrant attack in Sweden. Seven Swedes stabbed by a refugee from Afghanistan. What are the concerned raise by the media now? Sign up for a membership at Donations:

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  • Gay swedes. They went from having no problems to being a shithole within 20 years.

  • They miss the whole point and the corp. powers want civil unrest and create the problems then point to the people as the problem when most know exactly how this goes

  • A mill stone and a pond works these type of situations out rather quickly and greatly increases the size of the bass! Win win!

  • It's okay, he's a migrant! Our western governments only have our best interests in mind when they let the hordes of low-IQ savages in. Ooops, I'm not supposed to say that. No doubt he is a wonderful person whose presence is needed in Sweden to enrich the dumb Swedes who are too stupid to accomplish anything for themselves. His engineering or medical training will save the country!

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