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Andrew Tate Is An Anti-White Pimp
Sep 14, 2022

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Tucker Carlson brings on anti-White pimp Andrew Tate to help polish up his reputation on his daytime show. Andrew is totally a super awesome spox for "trad lyfe."

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  • The Tate bro's dad was a high level CIA agent. So take what he says and what happens to him with a grain of salt.

  • He's not great no - and yeah the cam $ and multiple wives/GFs yeah - pretty cringe. But he's based on some topics (Covid, Libtards, Trans insanity, etc). FWIW he's not pro violence on women - hard to find the facts but that's a side/distraction issue. In any case yeah there's certainly more important/worth people Tucker could have had on but that's how Fox News/etc goes. BTW this is likely more close to why he was banned:

  • Don't be an Andrew Tate when you can be a William Wallace. Find 1 girl that you want for life that you can retire to the countryside avoiding all of the evil gov's restrictions on a free man while giving her plenty of babies and make sure you're strong and deadly enough to sack an entire empire's control if they ever bring harm to her. Andrew has zero life skills if he can't be pimping girls or holding an online university to rob retard coomers of their money. I'm sure his kickboxing skills will go a long way.

  • I'm gonna be as objective as I can here - You guys did the most retarded video I've seen all year. You have zero knowledge about the guy, you obviously never listened to him for more than 2 minutes and added context to his words that just isn't there. I came here specifically for the anti-white part and you guys just managed to cringe the living fuck out of me. I'm as pro white as I can be, from Central Europe and not even a big fan of Tate, but damn atleast I gave him the benefit to actually listen to what he has to say and he says a lot to people who want to listen. And if you don't understand why he was banned from everywhere.. it's certainly NOT because of your silly interpreted reasons. Horrible journalism.

  • Dude's got a thick Canadian accent. I'm confused. Is he in Canada?

  • Instead of attacking Andrew Tate, why don't y'all encourage young white males to emulate him and get as many girlfriends as possible. We whites need an R mating strategy. K strategy is turning into a catastrophe for ethnic Europeans. We need more white babies. And you don't do that by having only 1 or 2 kids, and putting all your eggs in one basket.

  • You guys are sounding like prudes, anti-sex. Lighten up. I kind of like this guy. Traditionhal masculine values are good, not something to denigrate.

  • Tate is a creep, liar, scumbag.

  • You sound jealous.

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  • Why can't I see any of the posts below? Is this thing broken?

  • hes basically a pick up artist and pornographer

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  • Tate has a Dick Head.

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  • You hit the nail on the head here. Youโ€™d have to be a childlike mind to follow this guy.

  • It is true. Tate is a pimp with no other skills. He is a fast talker but when you analyze what he says, he appears to be an idiot who traffics and attacks women. We should all do our best to remove his money and his power. All women who worked for him should begin lawsuits.

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