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Are You Ready For Climate Lockdowns?
Feb 25, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Are you ready for climate lockdowns? Once Covid-19 lockdowns simmer down, climate lockdowns will become the new normal. Just wait, you'll see.

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  • Who would have ever thought the extremes would become this extreme? The least of which is if you stand a man before me dressed as a woman and demand that I call him a her or lose my job. I could go on and on about the extremes! There is an overabundance of them, in fact. A decade ago I would have said absolutely none of them would even be possible and yet here they are. What I know for sure is that the Great Reset has as it's goal limiting populations by whatever means necessary and it has a lot to do with their climate projections. They have seen how easily people can be scared and give up their freedom. The NeoAristocracy has got the Legacy Media and Big Tech in their pockets and they can project the scariest images which are totally false and get away with it because they denounce and censor from those forums those who offer any opposing opinions. They're going to go for it!

  • I only wonder how much the people except before putting their foot down and organize like the Germans are doing against these rich corp. Satanist and Pedos who want a playground free of the people but the people of every country can overwhelm and put a stop to their treasons in America and their sick fantasies and they know how many voted for Trump and won't take their poisonous shot in the arm and shed the mask just to start because they are only a symbol for them to see they already have what they want and are the very ones profiting from their own poisons on earth like nuclear power plants leaking into the water around the world and their plastics they make and the earthquakes and light shows in the sky and project blue beam will bring more to create their utopia for themselves but not the people except enough to be their personal slaves of yes Jesus will exact revenge upon them

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