Jun 22, 2021

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Washington Compost keeps publishing trash, this time on the 'racist legacy of birds.'

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  • "Burs beez rayciss!" Flips them the bird

  • Go into a forest, and you'll see even TREES are racist.

  • Birds are racist, they don’t interbreed. Birdwatching wouldn’t exist if there weren’t different species of birds. That’s why we need to destroy their habitats until there’s only one species of bird, crows. Crow lives matter

  • I woke up this morning and saw a blackbird in my garden.

  • These idiots need something to get paid to write, and to spread their idiotic propaganda. Here's a fun experiment: Go to Jewgle and type, "Is ___ racist?" And fill in the blank with literally any word you can think of. You WILL find an article claiming that thing is racist. Try it.

  • NAZI birds!

  • I wonder if you can ban comments here, grifters

  • Years ago, I suggested to my black neighbor kids, that for Halloween, they dress up as a cardinal. Wrap selves up in a few yards of red fabric, and drape a piece over their head, and simply wear their black face. A black adult could do it for a Halloween party, if we had them anymore.

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