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Canadian Truckers Inspires The World To Revolt Against The Covid Reset
Jan 31, 2022

Red Ice TV

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We cover the massive protest in Ottawa, Canada that is igniting the rest of the West and eventually maybe even the World. A few of the guys from Plaid Army joins us live from location in Ottawa and even Maxime Bernier from the People's Party of Canada stops by quick to say hi with a few inspiring words.

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  • This is what happens when the Top-Down plan intersects with REALITY

  • They had put a fence to stop people from going around the parliament, they kept them in the front and they were showing the back of it to the media.

  • Trudeau supports rioters that blocked emergency services. While children burned to death. But he does not support the people that feed his country.

  • Anyone else having their emails delayed for hours?, ...even days? This is outrageous, this is what hapoens when you allow J's into your country.


  • On Lifesitenews website they have a 1 minute video about how the air space now near the convoy above Ottawa is now restricted.

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