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Christian Nationalism vs Pagan Nationalism: There's Both Conflict & Common Ground
Aug 18, 2022

Red Ice TV

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We present our own disagreements with "Christian nationalism" and some of the people that are pushing it. We explain the reality of the shared history of Pagans and Christians. The take away is this: You can not be pro-White and anti-Pagan, in this video we explain why. We have a remarkable amount of common ground once you look honestly at European and Western history. There is no separating the two and as far as our enemies are concerned, they hate you and want you gone regardless of your faith.

We recommend watching the video till the end to get an honest perspective on who built Western Civilization and that our best course of action is to recognize that there are some things we'll remain deeply divided on and we'll remain in separate camps but we can still fight for our common goals. The solution is not to attack each other but all those that undermine our people. That includes the anti-White religious institutions and the shitlib โ€œpagansโ€ AKA new agers.

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  • Jesus is not a Jew..... Jesus is not a Jew by race (because he descended from Jacob (Israel). Jesus is not a Jew by religion (obviously because he is the founder of Christianity). Jesus is not a Jew by marriage (because he never married). There are no Jews in the Torah, the only place you'll find the word "Jew" is in 2kings16:6..... where Israel was at war with the Jews of the southern Kingdom of Judea. Non of Jesus's forefathers were Jews and all of which were white.

  • Its worth noting that the Jew doesn't care about paganism, as long as its the right paganism - fag neo wiccan Gaia bollocks is AOK with the Synagogue. Bury Laura Loomer and her Judeo Christian friends (a term 100 years old) wrapped in pig kin covered in pigs blood.

  • Tell that to neo-pagans that they are both, I don't know any Christians that deny both or in Christendom that they denied both, hence all romanticised/positive the paintings of ancient Europe that Christians did in Christendom of pre-Christian Europe (the same paintings modern pagans like to use). in Poland we are devout Catholic and no one has issues with our pre-Christian ancestors, the issues with modern neo-pagans is a different thing, they are not the same as our pre-Christian ancestors were.
    Also you talk about s**ting on ancestors, well what are pagans doing when attacking the last 2000 years of our ancestors & history (which they do, there are groups dedicated to it 24/7 on Gab - they don't address any other topics it's just to attack European Christians), and in their case it's not just distant ancestors, but up to & including our grandparents and great grandparents, so sorry, this goes both ways, but your message is just to Christians to stop attacking pagans, I suggest you tell pagans to stop attacking European Christians too.

  • Absolute BS, you were the last pagans I was holding onto (supported since you were long on YT still) to say not ALL pagans.... but I guess I was wrong then, you are all the same. I guess it was impossible from the start, pagans have been absolutely hostile and backstabbing since the beginning, but it looks like that's unchangeable.

  • Nigeria is 90% islamic not a christian country..... WTF

  • OMG your ignorance is beyond fantasy lalaland u people have zero idea what u are talking about 3000 wars and conflict overpopulated continent different ethnicities languages and traditions 1500 years a go half or europe was under ice.... the ancestors of the hebrews were pegans too from northen isnia to ur in iraq and sooo what..... u people are selling such a crazy replacement of real history....

  • Also, while calling for "Pagan Nationalism" is foolish in Europe, as Europe has not been pagan in well over a thousand years and Paganism had no part in the unified Western culture, calling for Pagan Nationalism in AMERICA is downright gob-smackingly idiotic. America is COMPLETELY BASED on Christian culture and ideals from the ground up. The only indigenous Pagans in America are the American Indians, and calling for American Whites to embrace Paganism is suggesting that America import a completely FOREIGN culture and religion in order to "preserve its heritage".

  • Excellent description of why Christian Nationalism on its own is like firing at the enemy with just one bullet in the magazine, not aiming properly and allowing the enemy (the Globalist cult) to nudge your shoulder. Whereas the way to aim properly with the gun fully loaded is an alliance of Christian Nationalism (without the pro-Covid, RINO, pro-LGBT-P infiltration) with everything else that makes up Western (not just American) Civilisation: Pagan Nationalism, European Culture, Hellenism/Classicism, European traditions, laws and culture.

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