Civic Nationalism Is Not Strong Enough To Defend The West
Apr 17, 2021

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Originally published December 8, 2017

Lately, many have come out against the failed concept of "civic" nationalism. Lana agrees and talks about real nationalism. Listen to Lana's show with Faith Goldy & Lauren Rose entitled "Dear Cucks, Only One Kind of Nationalism Will Save the West"

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  • God is separating the wheat from the chaff..

  • The White Corporate Powers have created this and will use everyone to try and create their Utopia with Robots and small amount of Slaves and it is only able to work in Cities where they purposely import others from other cultures and the people don't care where people come from but it is your own Governments who aided in trying to create race wars and are the very bloodlines who owned slaves and are able to own slaves today (CHINA)and love it and simply filling areas to create another of their slaughtering of the people and I think most people by far see right through these games and too the rich be careful of what you wish for

  • It will be those who are weak and go along with the very creates of disasters and tragedies that always end up these evildoers scapegoats in the end and are a small minority compared to the population and I bet they know this from the huge Majority who have refused their Corp. Shots and are not buying anything they have to offer and to all Governments that went along well they will be held accountable in the end TOO

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