Covid-19 'Vaccine' Propaganda Targeting Black Americans - Hip Hop Vaxx
Feb 25, 2021

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Covid vaccine 'messaging' AKA propaganda, is being spread through celebrities and targets vaccine skeptics. A recent hip hop video produced by DMC promotes so called 'Community Immunity' and directly targets black Americans to get the Covid-19 mRNA 'software' installed (the media calls this mRNA technology a vaccine still, although this is wrong). Also, the Oxford/AstraZeneca 'vaccine' will be tested on 300 child 'volunteers' even though children are not at risk.

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  • Hank Aaron got the vaccine. Enough said.

  • Blonde chick is probably getting humped by some black dude

  • The clown show just keeps getting better and better and don't worry about the doctors and nurses falling over after their shot but ha something else is causing that and even after INDIA did kick Pzizer and Gates out they still want Americans to take it but remember Reagan said just say no so just say your following what an elected President said

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