Jul 29, 2021

Red Ice TV

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The establishment is using covid-19 to kill the little that we have left of free speech.

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  • Is it misinformation when you use the government's own information, but it does not agree with the glowing reports of Biden Inc? I'm speaking of the VAERS data, of course, and by Biden Inc's definition, their answer would be "YES"...

  • You misspelled "jews".

  • 5:01 The new york times litterally tells people not to think. I remember this from lefty circles where they openly tell people logic is bad

  • Maybe he needs to go back to his homeland where Free Speech will get you Killed!!

  • HAHHAHAHA, lost 10 family members and his dog!!!! he loved that dog a big to much I think.

  • I bet we eventually will have to submit our IDs to use social media.

  • Fuck people who oppose free speech.

  • Ask any kyke what race runs teh liberal media?

    Ask ben shapiro.

  • it's so good to be away from Facebook police

  • Emotional disinformation = bad

    Let me tell you the sad story about how I lost 10 family members to COVID

  • The first amendment is under full frontal assault. This pencil neck dweeb is a terrible liar also.

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