Aug 21, 2021

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Watch Part 1 of the show here:

Henrik and Lana cover some the latest news and recent events in episode 134 of Flashback Friday.

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  • This last guy in the video just LIED. Never been tested. He should be brought up on criminal charges.

  • Stay away from the hospitals and your doctors. They are not there to help you.

  • Just drop out of the universities. Wal out everyone and when their schools close from lack of funds? Let's see how they act then. Parents homeschool your children; the same thing schools will close and teachers unions will go broke.

  • Dear Fellow Americans,

    At this time I have some serious questions:

    Has your life took a bad turn? Are you a Journalist? Do you work for the UN in Kabul? Did you go to Afghanistan to fight to Patriarchy? Did you sign up with ZOG to change the world into a color blind equality plantation only to find yourself trapped at any airport at the tender mercy of savages who don't care to listen to your lies?

    Are you asking yourself: How the fuck did this happen?

    No of course not; you know you did the right thing!

    My advice: Hang tight; learn to code; and just be yourself.


    It Don't Come Easy Lambs this much Toxic Masculinity in the face of your enemies troubles; but if you try hard you too can be like Uncle No Fuxs!

  • Good spending another hour with you, Lana & Henrik. Hope to see you in Tennessee again this year.

  • Roy Roseberry is said to be 49 years old. Same age as Ewan McGregor and Winona Ryder.I f true, he is not a Boomer. He was born into the seventies, a completely different world than the boomers knew, The USA had begun the down slide before he was born.

  • I would shoot everyone there in the fucking head if they put that poison in my child.

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