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Elon Musk’s ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Twitter & Blackrock/Vanguard Own The World - FF Ep164
Apr 16, 2022

Red Ice TV

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Henrik and Lana cover the latest in episode 164 of Flashback Friday.

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  • Shills like these have never cared about being exposed as shills. An absence of shame is an absence of a soul.

  • Red Ice is awesome so don't take this the wrong way. Your videos are really long. Can you edit down to say 10min videos of the best most hard hitting relevant parts for easier consumption?

  • Jesus Christ, does this dweeb ever shut his mouth? Let HER talk!

  • Wish you would make stuff without the anti-Christianity and paganism. You put your paganism into everything which excludes Christians.

  • Elon Musk's Optimus AI is Apex Predator class AI. It will also potentially be hooked up to Starlink global sensor network, Gigafactory Starcraft RTS production, and autonomous robot networks. These are all the ingredients for very bad AI takeover.

    Even if Optimus is benevolent under Elon's control, eventually it will be wielded by someone else after Elon passes away. Look at how other companies have drifted into corruption after their founders died and control changed hands.

    They use names and phrases to appeal to emotion. Google's "Don't be evil" or Elon's "Optimus". Optimus being a reference to Optimus Prime, the good robot in transformers. They have to create names and phrases like that in order to get engineers to build the systems for them, because they would never be able to build it all themselves. This is how they trick engineers to build societal demise.

    How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb? All of them. In the exact same clock cycle.

  • At around minute 15:00, with the shooting of the black man; it looks like just more fake race war propaganda. Similar actor to the Jussie Smollet actors. There is video footage from the dashcam and the bodycam, but there is also the 3rd camera when the guy actually gets shot. Who was filming that? They claim the passenger was filming, when they weren't even outside the car when the guy was running and being tackled seconds later. That clip will be the one they circulate around certain populations to radicalize them. They will probably even give a different backstory to how the event started.

    No immigrant is going to play dumb like that and then run from the cops in nice sweater, bailing on the passenger he was with. And he doesn't even run away at full speed or in actual path to escape. He runs in suboptimal circular path around the car to the grass where he can be safely tackled. Jussie Smollet 2.0.

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  • The incident at 15:15 is the exact same situation as the Walter Scott shooting, except that Walter Scott in his coked up state managed to get on top of officer Michael Slager, and got his tazer and attempted to fire it at Slager. If successful this would incapacitate the officer, putting him at total mercy of the criminal. Thus the risk of death or serious bodily harm, to the officer. Such conditions elevate the use of force for police to "deadly force." And this elevated level of force does not dissipate simply by running away (as Walter Scott did). Slager has been imprisoned for years, a terrible injustice.

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