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"Equity" Means Institutional Racism Against White People
Nov 05, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Equity has replaced equality. It is the new political buzzword used to push race based communism and actual institutional racism against White people.

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  • What planet is Bernie on denying poverty in the white race there was way more Irish slaves than Africans taken to the new world for a lot longer and they were treated way worse as they were stolen not traded for money this woke thing in America is designed to tear the social fabric of your society apart for the great reset so Rothschild can come steal your land and resources don't fall in the trap

  • So if we are all so racist why do they want to be in our everyday lives? Go live your life and stop worrying what white people have! You want stuff go work for it. Im sick of the smuggs I see more and more everyday

  • Great video, so polished and well researched.

  • White people, educate yourself in decentralized finance and compounding interest. It will be key now and into the future.

  • Right. We can't be fearful of be called a word nor can we be afraid to say nigger or kike or whatever colorful terms we can come up with. I don't understand why we let them pick our vocabulary for us.After all, nobody uses those words on good people. So if you're mad about being called a nigger or a kike then cease being a nigger or a kike.

  • Dear Wonderful WHITE PEOPLE: Do Not let these MOFOs define you. We are NOT Racist, we are discerning. We do not have to be equal. We are much better in all aspects.

  • Enemy is a zero.

  • Exellent work as always.

  • fun watch. the arrow that pointed out Schaaf's jewishness was hilarious. Lana's a smokeshow.

  • AntiWhitism is evil and immoral. It's way past time for us all to embrace White Wellbeing.

  • A simple matter of will. Most alla's go to Minnesota. Relocating is a big move for most. But what's the alternate? IOW, if they can do it then we certainly can. Choose where and plan. The issue with America is its incessant need to prove it doesn't hate all the groups that hate us and play control, suppress, genocide and push out. Separatists. Patience though to first defeat CCP. Then go for it.

  • This is hard to listen to, but she has some very good points. However, those isms she listed are not "made up" things. I didn't imagine experiencing them. And what she contends is happening, that white people are being hated on, or being treated like black people used to be treated...idk, It did used to be common for white people to say crazy shit like this about black people. the difference was most people didn't think it was so crazy. Today, sane people black and white, dismiss this kind of hate speech. I think we are mature enough as a human species to understand that equality under the law IS a good thing and someones race or gender (yes,there are just 2) should never be a determining factor for our judgement or treatment of people. Like MLK said can we finally judge people by the content of their character already?

  • We can no longer sit on our asses and wait for County D.A.s ...LE....State Ags to protect the people....200k a month of new foreign criminals every month...our good cops will be gone...the good people will be defenseless...ORGANIZE NOW before the machete wielding Haitian chops at your daughters....JOIN ME LETS GET SOMETHING STARTED

  • Get em Lana! RRRR RRRR RRRR :)

  • White people need to be put in their own country in order to keep everyone else safe from oppression.

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