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Ethnically Motivated Girl Behind 'The Conspiracy Chart' Schools Us On What Conspiracies Are Real
Dec 08, 2021

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Totally objective Abbie Richards informs us that some conspiracies are totally true while others simply have no basis in reality. In fact it could be dangerous to entertain some of them. Don't worry she has looked into it for you and will let you know what ones are ok for you to look at.

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  • "These conspiracy theories are based in the duality of thought, that there is Good and then there's Evil.... now let me spend the rest of this video explaining how the people who believe in these Evil conspiracy theories are not Good people and perpetuate Evil in the world."

  • Wow, this whore cunt sounds like a kike..

  • I’m sorry, this bitch is stupid. MK Ultra is real, CIA has declassified documentation. Deep state is real, admitted by a former deep state CIA operative. Child sex trafficking is happening in the country tunnels under many places as revealed by the US Marines when they found hundreds of kids under the New York City tunnels also Stew Peters has also had a survival admit that many powerful elites are involved. Watergate is real, Tuskegee experiments did happen there are historical documentation. Naval Intelligence has admitted to many reports of “UFO” encounters dating back to the 40s/50s.

    The chart is funny though. Some are a bit harder to take in while others have actual official documentation by the same organizations she thinks are helping us. The people who control the flow of information controls knowledge and what is and is not history and science.

    I’m sorry, this gal is gaslighting and does not know what she is talking about.

  • i think she needs a hard one in her..fucking rat..

  • shes a nut she knows fuck all about us Q-Anons..filthy rat ..

  • Her conspiracy pyramid is both literally and figuratively upsidedown.

  • In denial of her shady heritage no doubt

  • This stinks of the kabals desperation to maintain the status quo how the fuck are chem trails anti semitic I saw this on Fakebook a while back and thought my sentiment above

  • It actually is the jews. always. the jews.

  • Thank you for clipping this segment as I share with friends and family. This was a bizarre one.

    Titanic was swapped with OLYMPIA btw.

  • Oh, we guessing she's a tribe member??

  • Idiot girl

  • It would be helpful to have a chart broken down into conspiracy theories that are supported by the media, denounced by the media, never mentioned by the media, and ones that can get you banned or fired if you mention them, and ones that can get you arrested for mentioning them.

  • She's twenty-five and she has her hair in braids and is acting like she is cute kid little kid. Weird. Does she have the Jews aren't the real Jews on there anywhere? The Jews did 9/11? Israel killed JFK? The Jews killed Jesus? The Jews kidnap Christian kids for blood sacrifice? Trump is a Jew? The Jews start all the wars?

  • Lol, just think how this idiot will fare when thinks not well.

  • Before watching, I just wanna say those pants she's wearing look really stupid.

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