EU Want To Import 70 Million Africans
Jun 17, 2021

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Unfortunately this is not a joke.

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  • They are so desperate to prove they aren't racist that they will willingly let their own cultures die to accommodate the blacks.

  • Kill them all.

  • The real brits (whiteys) need to gun up asap, and commence to shooting the blackies and the muckies, else be sent to the dustbin of extinction!

  • everyone must get guns. big time.

  • We owe China $3 Trillion Dollars here in the US. If Europe owes China, they may be able to negotiate for these African's.
    This is why I never criticize China for organ harvesting. If these Africans want to keep reproducing without thinking about sustainability, China may be our own sensible option.

  • Murder will rise. Rape will rise. Poverty will rise. Ethnic-Europeans will decline. Europe will rapidly decline into a union of 3rd world countries and these self-proclaimed demi-gods don't care one bit. It is their mission - their goal - to pit us all against each other. When it is all said and done, they will enslave the cannon fodder they used to push their agenda. It is imperative that European and European descended peoples STOP being naive. Stop apologizing. Stop felling guilty about something you never did. If you care anything for your ancestors and your children, STAND up and fight. Resist at all costs.

  • You mean the baby raping fake Jews want to import 70 million Africans into Europe. The People say, "Stuff the Joo Mafia up their own ass, enough is enough, fight for your lives!"

  • I'm pretty sure there are at least 70 million Africans here in the states that would like to go there. The EU should send over some ships.

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