European Folk Religion Attacked For Being Too White & CNN Whines About White Identitarians Again
Oct 30, 2021

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The leftie anti-White Guardian used an African immigrant 'journalist' to attack the Asatru Folk Assembly, which honors ancient pre-Christian European folk traditions. The claim is that White people can't honor the religion of their ancestors because it's racist.

Also, CNN is back to attacking White identitarianism, focusing on a group that no longer exists. They express great concern that many normal, decent White men aren't getting in line with the liberal anti-White agenda.

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  • CNN is advancing the attempt at starting a race war by Globalist per the Protocols of Zion.

  • Be you.


  • Good report. But there was a Whites only Christian church, called the Christian Separatist Church Society that was active in Kodak, Tennessee. But as the leader of it Pastor V.S. Herrell passed away in 2018, I do not know if they are still active. I had some contact with him years ago, even had a chance to meet him but didn't. He was an author, and different than most Christian pastors, in that he believed in the Third Reich and Hitler. See this link on the website. Scroll down the page to the 2nd Aryan Thulean post for some info including some of his books he wrote. -->

  • I'd love to see this entitled bish try to figure out the Few & Secret.

  • Sure, Asatru is "racist" the same way trad Santeria or Voudon are ...

  • The first white men built homes and lived in a culture of progress 14000 years ago. 500 years ago Africans were still living in the jungles as cannibals. We have dragged them into the future and they want to blame us for that. Had we left them alone they would still live like they had since the time before they ever saw a white man. Think about that. White people aren't their problem its their culture.

  • Oh really? Well then let's talk VOO DOO, bitch. Or Santeria. Or a hundred other PAGAN religions from Africa that include human sacrifices, blood drinking, etc.

  • So what? Religious freedom? I hope you don't consider yourselves Christians, because you're obviously not.

  • Maybe they're just jealous because they're still dead last in the race towards vibranium. "WAKANADA!"

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