May 07, 2022

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This show was first published May 5, 2022. Australian conservative political commentator and writer, Evelyn Rae gives a Covid update but we also discuss the status of The Great Reset in Australia, the feminization of men and fat acceptance gone mad. Evelyn talks about the importance of eating organic. Later, we discuss the blatant grooming and abuse of children, Roe vs Wade and how everything is White supremacy. We also question if this planet will ever be a place of peace and freedom.

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  • Citizens of any country should do whatever they can politically to protect the parallel institution of families. As long as Progressives can't destroy this basic building block, the destructive behaviors of antifamily radicals will naturally take care of them ...

  • I can't agree. There are plenty of Whites in Australia who's ancestors originated from the UK who still hold onto the Anglo Culture that made the Country the destination for immigrants. However through our own submission and laziness we have allowed the Multiculturalists to take over. The Multiculturalists have hired expert Psychologists who specialise in language manipulation and they have developed a campaign that has been extremely effective in making Whites impotent in their arguments against the White takeover.

  • Did the Australian Conservative commentator have to a another fucken woman, fair dinkem !

  • Jordan Peterson and his daughter became totally healthy as carnivores

  • Been following @Evelyn_Rae for years on FB and Twitter. I don't use either of those now. Glad she's on

  • Where do these gorgeous conservative women come from? I want to marry one!

  • "I lay my chooks."

    She does what now?

  • Excellent interview

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