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Food Wars, Vaccine Mandates, Sacrificing Children, Covid Pandemic Becomes Climate Panic - FF Ep145
Nov 06, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Henrik and Lana cover the latest in episode 145 of Flashback Friday.

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  • Application proves this is more projection. This is exactly what they have been doing.

  • Once you get through the barbecued rat barrier, they can't starve you.

  • The CCP CNN Doctor is the CREEPIEST.

  • Stop eating fructose sed oils food with preservatives in them.

  • Low life worthless piece of shit SCUM of life gate keepers.

  • I thought these fuckin gate keeping sellouts to the Zboys were off the web but here the scum is talking more gate keeping fuckin LIES!

  • Controlled opposition. I am sure they same some common sense things in here mixed with the message their master wants. These people have had magical funding that never ends with high end production since the beginning.

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