Happy Pride Month Kids! Now Salute That Flag
Jun 10, 2021

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The LGBTQIP+ community is now pledging allegiance to the flag and for what it stands. Nickelodeon is promoting this to kids. There is also infighting among the different bizarre denominations in the LGBT religion. We also have a new CEO of Burger King that is donating proceeds to a radical LGBT lobby group that supports child sex changes.

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  • When i was young in the 70's i used to say what two peole do is nobodys business. Since then since we allowed them out of the closet we now have indoctrination in our public schools under the pre text "anti-bullying" in Ca. Its legal to teach our children as young as 6 years old this freak of nature lifestyle and the parents have no say. Since the 80's we now have been forced to accept fruits in the boy scouts and girl scouts. Thats not good. Child abuse is at an all time high. Then they are allowed to adopt children. Thats straight up wrong. Its a form of recruitment. Military was forced to accept this bullshit thanks to obama and tranny michael robinson. All this shit opened the door for the abnormal ultimate freaks, trannys? What is next, Beastiality??? I would not be surprised if our publuc schools are allowed to teach our children to pack fudge on our pets. This shit has to stop its getting way out of control. No more pledge of allegiance in the school for one reason, you cannot mention God in the schools but you can transform our children for your sick agenda? Back in the closet, go to hell liberals

  • I'm gay and I can't stand this foolishness! How can straight people just sit quietly and take this abuse? Shame on "pride"!

  • As a 19/20 year old, there's nothing more I can't stand than seeing a "Pride Month"/LGBT flag since it is one of the worst religious sins that you can possibly commit for anybody who is a Christian (Evangelical OR Catholic).

  • We need to take the rainbow back! We should have our own WHITE PRIDE flag and just use the rainbow with WHITE PRIDE across it - not meaning gay pride, but White Pride.

  • This is why I don’t care about gun laws.

  • every faggot should be thrown off a building

  • Re the chicken sandwich, "chicken" is the slang term used by pedophiles to refer to little boys.

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