Hellish Jabboween: Feds, Pedos & Boosters - Ep144
Oct 30, 2021

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Henrik and Lana covers the latest creepy insanity in episode 144 of Flashback Friday.

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  • God gave them up to their evil desires. She/they hate themselves so they want to kill others. KWANZA was out here all this time, racist, communist and hostile. Narcissism

  • what do you get when you feed 9 million starving people? You get 15 millions starving people.

  • pizer is umbrella corporation

  • Henrick and Lana, I'm a newer fan - been watching you for a couple months only now. But, I have to compliment you both and say that, yeah, you are individually attractive people. But, when you talk and banter together, you two are the most beautiful couple I have ever witnessed (that is, besides my parents, who are both alive and married - for over 50 years now).

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