Jan 21, 2022

Red Ice TV

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By using guilt and indoctrination they seek to replace us.

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  • It's all true.

  • I studied it with an open mind. There is a reason scum bags make laws forbidding people from looking into it.

  • Read TELL the TRUH and SHAME the DEVIL. by Gerard Menuhin - son of the great violinist. Learn the truth about the whole matter and stop allowing yourself to be bullied and manipulated.

  • Where the hell do these people come from… must be out of Krause Schwabs ass⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️

  • These stupid jackasses, just don’t know when to stop the fuckin nonsense ⁉️

  • THEY took it down cause we are sick of that Shame Game, how far back was all that shit, we didn't have anything to do with that Stupid Shit, it's the same with Black Slaves, what about Irish Slaves, nobody wants to bring that up, cause we don't care, and we don't Murder our People for a Dollar, like the Black Communities do, when the Sun falls, the Black Community turns into a War Zone. Colin Flaherity; Don't Make The Black Kids Angry, and his most recent, White Girl Bleed Alot.

  • How many Innocent German Citizens were Murdered, Compared to the JewJews? I do belive there were 50 Million Innocent Citizens Murdered, having not a Clue what was happening with some Lying Jews!!!

  • Yep... All these White People have to go, this is a Message from a White JewJew!!!

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  • Radicalizing people through twisted manipulative bogus "civil liberty" "social justice" propaganda.

  • Holodomor. Mao. Ghengis Khan. She can take her psyop and shove it up her anti-White a--.

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