How The Media Shifted Blame From Bankers to White People After Occupy
Jun 10, 2021

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Mockingbird Media outlet the New York Times shifted the narrative away from evil bankers to evil White people in a very effective way after the occupy movement in 2012. From then we have seen antifa, SJWs, BLM and the LGBT community team up with Goldman Sachs, Black Rock and JP Morgan to attack White people and traditional society instead of keeping focused on what banks have done to ruin our way of life.

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  • Jews pretend to be amoral - lending money to both/all sides. But when the ones who lent and supported the evil guys get caught out, all Jews rush to defend them by banning the complainers who accused them - thus all Jews are guilty of always backing evil over good. It doesn't take any brains at all to back both sides. In the end, the losers still owe the winners AND the banksters and the winners still owe them, too - and they both have to take out more reconstruction loans. And if you're the Global Counterfeiter's Union, it's always WIN/WIN for you, and LOSE/LOSE for everyone else. And as for Jews owning the media - they've been running that scam since forever - it's called "NEPOTISM" where they only hire each other. Sure, it's illegal, but they can always claim they hired on merit, what with Jews being allegedly so much smarter than everyone else. But they're not: they're all tribalists, which means basically communist hypocrites, where no matter what the attac-vs-defend, cause-and-effect facts are, they're always the righteously heroic victims, entitled only to everyone else's pity and acclaim, without having to earn or prove it; while everyone who disagrees with that obvious lie, must be their wrongfully villainous oppressors, entitled to no right to defend themselves from those lies, but having only a responsibility to become and remain their slaves for their "hateful" lack of pity and acclaim! CAPISCE? Hypocrites are the same everywhere, but the Jews seem to be a lot better at it than most other families, clans, tribes, and nations!

  • Great work. This is the classic baith & switch.

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