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Insane Push To Force Vaccines
Jul 29, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Washington Post Contributor Max Boot thinks that the Biden regime should force the covid vaccine on everyone that hasn't yet been vaccinated. Sign up for a membership at

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  • It is not that immunologists, epideiologists and vaccinologists are acqutting themselves well at present. But by what professional authority does this buffoon arrogantly urge moving the pseudovaccine from it already unjustifible EUA status to full approval. That process is--even under these corrupted circumstances--supposed to be based on scientific rationale and evidence, lots of evidence, not the political outgassing and pressuring by TV pundits.

  • These scumbags want to gab every American but open the boarders and dump illegals throughout our country with no worry about their fake pandemic it's flu people look at the homeless all over do you see them dropping like flies of course not wake up folks.

  • I hope they televise the hanging of everyone of these criminals a rope around their neck and the floor drops out below their feet waste no ammo shooting them or injections hang em and since I have zero trust in the government state congress or any of these fools I want to see and witness the deaths so I can verify it without any question crimes against humanity for this they pay the ultimate price for their lies and deception. Depopulation is what they want let them be the first in line to leave this earth a better place for the rest of us and try to save the ones who took this jab of death if we are able to save anyone right now it does not look good.

  • Max Boot is a JEW born in Moscow... what else do ya need to know?

  • Fuck all the JEW YORK ASS HOLES... forced vaccinations will cause many deaths from gunshot wounds for the fools attempting to do the vaccinating

  • Frauds fakes liars and Thieves and just maybe they need to be fully vaccinated and fenced off

  • Shut up about it unless you are ready to overthrow them all. Enough of this echo chamber dooming TRASH.

  • These murderers need to be shot there is no other way.

  • More people who have been vaccinated are getting Covid. This idiot is either uninformed, ignorant or a murderer.

  • George Soros working his magic!

  • Did Obama work the Virus out with China when he went to Alaska for a Vacation just before he was to be out of office, with a Chinese Warship off the coast of of that state?

  • Willie is a Dickhead.

  • I guess he's take a Shot of Battery Acid if the Government told him to.

  • "If you don't take the Fuckccine voluntarily we will have to force you"

    That's voluntary in leftism

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