May 14, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Adam Green from Know More News joins Henrik to cover the ongoing war in Palestine and Israel's aggression. Dave Reilly joins us a bit later in the show to continue speaking about the escalating conflict. We discuss evangelicals and their blind support for Zionism, as Israel yearns to build a 3rd temple.

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  • The only good JEW is a dead JEW!

  • Anyone calling these Mafia types Israel is so confused they have zero ideas what they are talking about. This Mob of Serials have 100% conned the entire world except those that seek and find Truth. These Serial stole an identity from a people God Himself destroyed 1000's of years ago. At best these Serials are Babylonian, after all their pagan book of Filth called the Talmud uses the word on it. Their greatest achievements have all happened in the last 100 years. Until then , they were the Scum in every society. Stealing the wealth from every nation in offices of trust. Ever wonder how nations are put into poverty and kept there? These Rogue bandits have infiltrated every single power in the world. They kill and murder without fear because they Own the Joint. The Germans knew their Game and got smashed for the fact. There is no Israel, there are no Jews. There is only a people that were cloned a long time ago.

  • Will, we ever learn that these conflicts are created by the rich and powerful and the UN who are just more stooges for the bankers and likes of the Bilderberg Group and Government stooges and we should all refuse to harm each other for their BS

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