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Jewish Groups Demand Open Borders
Jun 17, 2021

Red Ice TV

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49 Jewish groups including the ADL demand a “pathway to citizenship” for illegals but not in Israel.

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  • Like I keep saying, The jew is our GREATEST enemy.

    Open Borders is a jewish weapon to destroy White Christian nations and people.

  • So do non-Jewish groups. What's your point? When are you going to do your Gentile groups pushing for open borders, such as, say, DEMOCRATS? No, You are just an idiotic antisemite because it's obviously not a particularly Jewish idea to push for open borders. But you will lie it is.

  • Let them keep pushing

  • I demand open borders for Israel!

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  • Open borders for the west but ethnic purity for the "Jewish State" Israel.

  • I am quite sure that these people wouldn't mind if these illegals moved into my neighborhood but for sure they wouldn't want them in theirs.

  • Where are the patriot Jewish people? I know they're out there. PLEASE speak UP!

  • I notice the quality of your videos on GabTV is far better than on BitChute

  • Fuckin left-wing traitors

  • open borders for israel.... fuck these jews

  • open borders for israel

  • Das mögen ja vielleicht Juden sein. Vor allem aber sind es globalistische Kommunisten!

  • It seems like the video quality is better here than it is on Bitchute and Odysee.

  • America is Israel and we are taking back our country from the Rothchild's crumbling world order.. Ashkenazi Jews are not the Jews of the bible.. They do not worship Yahweh. They worship Baal, Moloch, aka Satan..

  • Just Not In Israel Right

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