Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty - FF Ep147
Nov 20, 2021

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Henrik and Lana + guests cover the latest in episode 147 of Flashback Friday.

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  • I just wonder what these guys AR white nationalist or something

  • At 1:23:42 there is an article that says: An environmental catastrophe looms. Is it ethical to have children". The environmental catastrophe could very well be weaponized weather.

  • Does anyone know the name of the teacher at 1:23 42? And what school he is teaching at?

  • The guy who fell off his chair cold have been experiencing an adverse event from the vax

  • She's so ANNOYING. Get rid of that woman and should do better.

  • There was more than one jew in this case. Huber, Grosskreutz, and Rosenbaum are all jews. And the prosecution lawyer Binger is also jewish.

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