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Long Range Acoustic Device Used Against Peaceful Protesters In Australia - Strange Health Issues
Feb 17, 2022

Red Ice TV

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The lunatics in Canberra, Australia is rolling out bizarre technology in order to deal with the pesky, disease ridden, unvaccinated slaves that are protesting their "freedom."

Sonic weaponry initially developed by Genasys in the US is now being deployed on men, women and children in Australia that don't want more absurd Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates. Peaceful protesters are describing terrible and bizarre health effects from the police's use of dangerous long range acoustic device.

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  • More proof that the globalists need to be stopped in their tracks — now.

  • A time is coming where these PIGS are going to be overrun and these types of weapons will fall into OUR hands. The time is coming.

  • Is it "Kill a Cop for Jesus" time?

  • To answer this vid, there are two types of stand off weapons created to keep from having to have people go one on one with each other to break up a protest etc. One is the acoustical crowd disbursement. machine which you refer to in this vid but that's not what caused the effects noted. The other is an infrared/microwave device that sends out a heated blast of air. Both devices are silent, make no noise that can be heard to surrounding people. This person and the lady in the car were hit by the infrared one. It's an intense heated wave that makes you back off instantly. And it will burn you if you stand your ground. Seems like they had it on and at low power so the effect isn't noticeable but like laying on the beach, after so many hours you get sunburned. This is the same thing if you operate it on a low level. You can cause damage that way without anyone knowing it at the start. Truly are some real scumbags in Australia. These dirt bags need to pay dearly for their crimes.

  • A good response is to create portable cardboard mock-ups of these devices and point them back. Have a few 'crisis actors' that pass in front of the cardboard and fall down convulsing and passing out. Then listen to the police report effects and feeling ill and going to the hospital. LOL

  • Probably microwave radiation as well. You gave up your semiautomatic weapons and now your screwed. They want you dead along with the rest of us . Only 500,000,000 to be allowed to live in all the world.

  • I believe they have already used it against the people all around the world, before any pandemic, even during times of peace. Now we know that they do it without remorse, there is nothing to support any claim that they would never have done it before to anybody they wish. There are many people whom have suffered those exact same sudden illnesses with no explanation for the mystery.

  • Those weapons belong to the Australian people to be used to protect the Australian people. But globalists have infiltrated and subverted the Australian government and are using those weapons against the Australian people whom are trying to resist the subversion and treason.

  • If they hadn't taken all of your firearms away, a single round of 5.56mm or 7.62mm would render the device inoperative.

  • These fuckers 😡

  • It`s high time for the pople hire snipers and start talking serious about all this stuff. The sound device must be adressed an AK47 shot, after each one of the bipeds standing aside it received theirs.

  • Does their long range acoustic device project farther than an airhorn? Yep ... "Mad" Anthony is right ... Y'all are relegated to airhorns .. you gave up the threat of long range high impact devices,.

  • When it comes to lowlife, scumbag tactics, always expect the worst possible behavior and tactics from government.

  • And you have no guns to defend yourselves in Australia. You allowed yourselves to be disarmed.

  • Microwaving people is "acoustic".

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