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Media & Government Goes After Mercola & Natural Health, While FDA Corruption Kills People
Aug 07, 2021

Red Ice TV

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Dr. Mercola has been singled out as the number one "misinformation spreader" by the FDA and Biden's "Coronavirus Taskforce." He is now being harassed and followed by CNN and other media. His website and products are now being singled out by the FDA in an effort to stop people from using natural remedies and natural methods to help mitigate diseases, including covid-19. We also cover the incredible corruption at the FDA and all the toxic and life threatening drugs and compounds that they have approved for human consumption.

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  • Not too long ago, just a handful of years actually, things like "alternative medicine" was being pushed hard. Naturepathic counts as alternative medicine but suddenly the very people that WERE pushing alternative medicine are attacking it.

  • God bless you

  • So they traveled 220 miles to tell a man he is a poo poo head?


  • Well I guess milk don't do your body good I'm suing

  • Bath salts and the vaccine for covid are all or both listed the same under the FDA not approved

  • mainstream media sent out one of their bloodhounds to stalk a 70-year old. I'm not a big Trump fan, but in one thing we agree, "CNN is fake news"—nothing but sensationalized scandal-mongering tabloid journalism. people talk about how MSM was better in the past, but it was always a tool of the state. just as television technology lulls viewers into hypersuggestive Alpha-wave states. <-- it's a technology for influencing the minds of the masses, just as MSM influences the opinions of the masses—our talking points; our dinner conversations; our water bottle conversations.

  • First time seeing Red Ice TV- great job!

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