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No-Go Zone: Anti-White Crime, UK Pedos, 'Khazaria Rising' Israel 2.0?
Apr 14, 2022

Red Ice TV

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Henrik cover the latest in episode 98 of No-Go Zone.

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  • Let us pray that this demented little dead-ender does not live to see any future that might await mankind

  • At least other shows are covering the Russia / Putin propaganda and communist agenda. Ukraine is a distraction.

  • Our world looks like a project for the 4th reich.

    Pedos need to be smashed upon discovery, in the way you'd smash a cockroach with a shoe. Swiftly and permanently.

  • Somalia should be conquered. It is not a worthy country. Except for the model Iman, I can't think of one positive thing to come out of that place.

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