May 12, 2022

Red Ice TV

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Henrik cover the latest news in episode 102 of No-Go Zone this May 11, 2022.

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  • Nationalism is not a color.

  • If the Globalists can't control Twitter and with it billions of minds then they will destroy it. Anyone using Twitter is a Deep State Dupe.

  • Fuck Twitter and all Twats who Twit on it!

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  • Slaves performing for their masters @ 45:20

  • People whom do such disgusting mutilations are permitted to keep their license and not go to jail.

  • Recall Nancy Pelosi sent millions to foreign countries for transgenders and homosexuals. It was written into the Cares Act.

  • That cringy creep Thierry decides what the citizens of EU can do on the internet. The citizens don't have a choice. Tyrannical totalitarian domination by creepy narcissists.

  • The first lady should "abort" her own life. Lead by example.

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