No-Go Zone: Facebook Whistleblower Gay-Op, Upset Parents Are Terrorists & Covid-19 Foreknowledge
Oct 07, 2021

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Henrik cover recent news in episode 74 of No-Go Zone.

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  • Just like with VINMAN (and his LIES), the Left again warps the definition of WHISTLEBLOWER....

    LOL, seriously? #FASCISTBOOK #WHISTLEBLOWER ?!?! She is a LEFTIST, will remain A LEFTIST, and what she is really WHINING ABOUT is that #FascistBook turned off the supposed "MisInformation Filters" after the Election (in real speak: CONSERVATIVE SPEECH ISN'T BEING SUFFICIENTLY SURPRESSED ANYMORE in her opinion)! She is a LEFT WING LOON #VIRTUESIGNALING to others on the Left about FB NOT CONTINUING FULL #CENSORSHIP MODE! Mind you, it is back to the REGULAR CONSERVATIVES CENSORSHIP algo's rather than the even more strict/enhance EXTRA CENSORING levels. She/they are NOT HAPPY unless all Conservatives are PERMA-BANNED (as I was in July 2020 ( She, others, only want the INSURRECTION FALSE NARRATIVES and ZERO FACTS about the farce (esp. all the Videos that burst their narratives) being allowed on the Platforms.

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